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Micro Delight 430ml

Micro Delight 430ml

SKU: 11130343

With the Tupperware Micro Delight, there’s no excuse for skipping breakfast. Whether you’re excited to eat right or just eat right now, you can enjoy a quick, hot and hearty breakfast in minutes. Now you can make more then healthy omelets, French toast, and more in the microwave.

If you're not in the mood for breakfast, you can make yourself a portion-size dessert, too!  This product is a match made in heaven; you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert anytime in a flash!

  • Includes Breakfast Maker for omelets, oatmeal and French toast.
  • Small venting holes on the cover release the extra steam and prevent steam from building during cooking.
  • Special "8 shape" to allow microwaves to reach the food in the most efficient way, helping food cook evenly.
  • Curved design makes it easy to slide food with a spatula directly to a serving plate.
  • Strong and ergonomic rims on both sides act as handles.
  • Non-stick material allows for easy unmolding.


Does your morning rush mean you've no time for breakfast? Our Micro Delight means you don't have to compromise on a healthy start to your day. It is ideal for cooking omelets, breakfast sandwiches, even French toast. This non-stick microwave omelet maker doesn't require added fat so you can prepare healthier recipes. What's more, it can also be used to store leftovers in the fridge to reheat later. Perfect for a quick meal or snack for your teenagers or college-bound kids.

Perfect breakfast companion! Your omelets and frittatas are cooked perfectly every time with zero supervision, in no time and fat free.​

Don't have time for lunch? ​Say NO to processed meals when you are alone! Prepare simple and healthy homemade dishes or single portion veggies in less time than it takes to defrost a ready-made dish. ​

Compact and easy to clean, little or no mess after preparing, easily stored even in the smallest kitchens. Perfect for singles, students…​

No cooking experience required! Very simple and safe to use thanks to the special markings on the cover.


  • Material
    Full Product: PP
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 6.8 x H 14 x L 22.4 Ø - cm / W 2.7 x H 5.5 x L 8.8 Ø - inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 430 ml / 1¾ cup
  • Min Temp (°C/°F)
    Full Product: 0°C / 32°F
  • Max Temp (°C/°F)
    Full Product: 120°C / 248°F
  • Max Wattage
    Full Product: 900 watts



Read the user manual for complete instructions.

Don’t add oil or any other fats to your recipes, as this will damage the product.

Do not cook for more than 10 minutes at 400W or more than 5 minutes at 800W at a time. Let the product and the microwave oven cool down before reusing. 

To get the best results; use low power on the microwave.

Contents should be hot after cooking in the microwave. Use both hands and oven gloves when handling.

To avoid staining, we do not recommend adding saffron, curry or other coloring spices to the preparation, nor do we recommend reheating tomato- or curry-based foods. Staining will not affect the product’s performance and is not covered by the Tupperware guarantee.

Eating from the base with steel cutlery may cause scratches on the product. Scratches do not affect the product’s functioning and are not covered by guarantee.

If you wish to add high-fat ingredients such as bacon, ham, cheese, etc. to your recipe, we recommend that you add egg or juicy vegetables to avoid damaging the product. We also recommend using a low wattage when cooking with these ingredients.


Gently whisk 3 eggs with some salt and pepper. ​(Optional: add 2 tbsp chopped fresh herbs or grated cheese, diced ham…)​

Pour into the Micro Delight, cover and microwave for 3 to 4 min at 350-450 watts.​

Allow to stand for 2 min before serving.


The Micro Delight is also perfect to very quickly cook a single portion of vegetables. ​

Follow the chart to prepare the vegetables, cover and microwave for the indicated time at 600 watts, stirring halfway through. Allow a standing time of 3 to 5 min.​

Season with salt, pepper or any other ingredient only after cooking.

Broccoli (200g): Separate in small florets, add 3 tbsp water (45 ml); microwave for 5 min. 30 sec.

Carrot (200g): Thinly slice and add 3 tbsp water (45 ml); microwave 7 min.

Mushroom (200g): Thinly slice and add 2 tbsp water (30 ml); microwave for 3 min. 30 sec.

Zucchini (250g): Slice or dice and add 3 tbsp water (45 ml); microwave for 5 min.

Fennel (200g): Thinly slice and add 3 tbsp water (45 ml); microwave for 6 min.

Bell Pepper (200g): Thinly slice and add 2 tbsp water (30 ml); microwave for 6 min.


For best results, cook on 50% power. Adjust time and microwave power level as you experiment with different recipes. 

Always beat the eggs for cooking in the Micro Delight. Add some water or milk while beating for consistent results. 

If you are adding ingredients into eggs, use maximum of 2 eggs to stay within capacity.

Add 1 tbsp water or milk to egg mixture for a more fluffy texture when making omelets.

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