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Easylogics Basting Brush

Easylogics Basting Brush

SKU: 11156006

Extremely practical, this silicone Basting Brush is perfect for glazing biscuits and desserts, spreading aromatic herbs or marinades over meat and fish, greasing ovenware and brushing egg yolk over baked goods before baking to obtain a golden effect.

It has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip, complete with side hook that allows you to place it on the worktop without it touching the counter or hook it to the edge of a bowl while not in use to collect any drops.

The silicone part is wider to brush more quantities of glaze, marinades and butter; silicone bristles' conical shape is wider in the base and thinner at the edges to minimize marks left from spreading. Flexible and resistant, it does not lose its form OR its bristles. At the center of the bristles there is a tongue-shaped grid that helps to retain more liquid and allows you to brush more evenly.

The design also has a unique closing system to protect the silicone part and store it hygienically (to open the silicone part, push the appropriate side tongue with the thumb and rotate until you hear a “click”).


  • Very flexible brush that does not lose its hairs like traditional basting brushes made of pig hair or silk bristles.
  • Side hook keeps brush off work surface or can be used to hang brush on rim of container. 
  • Spread in a single gesture faster thanks to its silicone tongue, which hold liquid and a larger brush surface.
  • Brush evenly thanks to the shape of the profiled bristles and their optimal distribution on the Brush.
  • Hygienic, thanks to its integrated protective case.


Use our silicone Basting Brush for faster and more even brushing! The unique design absorbs a lot of liquid, allowing you to spread more at once.

Helpful hook keeps the brush securely on the edge of a bowl--no more mess on your countertop!

Clever brush: The shape of the bristles and the unique tongue-shaped grid in the middle allows brush to absorb lots of liquid and gradually release it.

Everything stays on: The silicone bristles are firmly connected so that none are lost.

Hygienic: The brush can be broken down into individual components and placed in the dishwasher - ideally with the cutlery.

Clean and easy storage: The bristles can be folded into the handle of the brush for storage in a drawer. This will keep the bristles clean and prevent any sharp objects from accidentally damaging them. 


  • Material
    Full Product: POM, Silicone
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 4.1 (closed and open) x H 3.6 (closed and open) x L 17.2 (closed) 20 (open) Ø - cm / W 1.6 (closed and open) x H 1.4 (closed and open) x L 6.8 (closed) 7.9 (open) Ø - inch
  • Min Temp (°C/°F)
    Silicone head: -25°C / -13°F
  • Max Temp (°C/°F)
    Silicone head: 220°C / 428°F


Only the silicone components are heat resistant (+220º C); do not expose Basting Brush handle or head to high temperatures or heat sources.

If basting meat on a barbecue, take care not to expose the Basting Brush to direct flame as this may damage the product.

Do not use on sharp surfaces (e.g., open cans, blades) as this may damage the silicone.

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