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Feeding Spoon & Case

Feeding Spoon & Case

SKU: 11167063-globalcontent

This feeding spoon is designed for feeding young infants and children without hurting their mouths. Featuring a long user-friendly handle and oval-shaped spoon for ease of use by adults and children alike. With its protective case that clips closed, no more worries when carrying them in your diaper bag or purse while traveling.  


This feeding spoon comes with a case to keep it clean for easy feedings on the go. Two cases can even snap together, holding everything safely and neatly in place.

Soft to the touch: thanks to its unique design and shape, this soft spoon is ideal for kids of any age

Hygienic: thanks to its case, you can take this spoon anywhere with you


  • Material
    Case: PP
    Feeding Spoon: PP
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Case: W 3.9 x H 3.3 x L 17.8 Ø - cm / W 1.5 x H 1.3 x L 7 Ø - inch
    Feeding Spoon: W 2.3 x H 1.6 x L 16.8 Ø - cm / W 0.9 x H 0.7 x L 6.6 Ø - inch


Approved for food useDishwasher safe

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