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KPT Garlic Star

KPT Garlic Star

SKU: 11138015

Garlic and fresh herbs add nutrition and flavor to your dishes. And now preparing them is easier than ever with the powerful multitasker, KPT Garlic Star. Just one beautifully designed tool lets you peel and press garlic as well as stripping the leaves of fresh herbs, quickly, easily and mess free!

The Garlic Star features include:

  • Flat metal grid: Stands up on countertops, convenient for daily use
  • Ergonomic handle: Easy pressing for left and right handed people
  • Compact design: Space saving when storing
  • Large chamber: Works with any size garlic clove
  • Herb deleaver: The handle includes 3 different size holes to strip small leafed fresh herbs, like thyme, oregano, mint, tarragon, and cilantro, from their stem quickly and easily.


The KPT Garlic Star is an indispensable, three-in-one kitchen tool. With it, peeling and pressing garlic has never been easier. And, the handy herb deleaving feature makes quick work of herbs, so you can bring fresh flavors to every savory dish.

3-in-1!: Peel garlic, press it and deleave fresh herbs!

Easy to clean: Grid automatically opens to easily remove excess garlic.

Ergonomic design: Curved handle makes it easy to grab and press for both left and right handed people.

Easy to use: Helpful pictograms etched inside the handle make it intuitive to use.

No more stinky fingers! The KPT Garlic Star peels the garlic which minimizes the transfer of the aroma to your hands. 



It is recommended to clean and dry your product before first use.

How to Open (Position 1)

Position 1 is needed when putting garlic into the chamber to press it.

Take the KPT Garlic Star in one hand and hold it by the lower handle.

Lightly lift the upper handle with the other hand until the handle stops automatically. Info: there is a little step at the front of the upper handle (closest to the metal rivet). This step stops at the metal grid when the handle is being lifted.

The metal grid and its handle is on the lowest position, which is closest to the lower handle.

Tip: Should you have opened the KPT Garlic Star too much and the grid is lifted up, simply push down the metal grid handle with the index finger of your free hand.

How to Open (Position 2)

Position 2 is needed when placing unpeeled garlic at the designated spot to break the skin, or when you want to remove leftover garlic from the grid to clean the product. Use this position to access best the herb deleaver holes.

Take the KPT Garlic Star in one hand and hold it by the lower handle.

Lightly lift the upper handle with the other hand until the handle stops automatically. You have reached Position 1.

Push the upper handle further with your free hand until the outer rips at the lengths of the upper handle touch the lower handle. The metal grid is lifting up automatically.

How to Use to Break Garlic Skin

Hold the KPT Garlic Star in one hand.

Open to Position 2.

Place the garlic clove in the garlic cracker spot.

Use your free hand to again close the product.

Carefully push down the upper handle. The metal handle of the grid breaks the skin of the garlic clove.

Open the product and remove the garlic clove.

Remove the skip on the garlic glove. Rotate the garlic and repeat if the skin is not loose enough. 

How to Use to Press Peeled Garlic

Hold the KPT Garlic Star in one hand.

Open to Position 1.

Place the peeled garlic into the chamber of the lower handle. Tip: The thinner side of the garlic should point towards the rivet, the thicker side towards the herb deleaver holes. Like that you will get the best results in pressing garlic.

Close the KPT Garlic Star and press. Once the handles are close enough you can easily press together the handles with only one hand.

Scrape off the pressed garlic from the grid by using the back of a small knife, like the U-Series Utility Knife. Tip: Keep the handles slightly pushing together. The grid is being pushed forward too, so it is easier to remove pressed garlic.

Info: A flat metal grid—allows you to remove pressed garlic in one, swift move! The big chamber is suitable for at least 2 small garlic cloves and it even fits a big one! 

How to Use to Deleave Herbs

Hold the KPT Garlic Star in one hand.

Open to position 2.

Push the metal grid further back by the handle until it touches the upper handle.

Choose the right size of one of the three deleaver holes according to the thickness of the herbs stem.

Push the end of the stem through the hole from inside the lower handle.

Pull the end of the stem from the other side of the lower handle. 

How to Clean

Hold the KPT Garlic Star in one hand.

Open to Position 1.

Remove excess garlic from the metal grid.

The KPT Garlic Star is dishwasher safe. Place it in the open position on the upper rack of the dishwasher.

It is recommended to rinse the product immediately after use and wash thoroughly to remove leftover garlic.

After cleaning, allow to dry.

How to Store

Before storing KPT Garlic Star, thoroughly clean and dry the product.

Thanks to the compact design you can store KPT Garlic Star in a drawer.

If you use your KPT Garlic Star everyday, you can also keep it on your countertop. Simply place the flat surface of the metal grid on the countertop.

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