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Microfiber Window Towel

Microfiber Window Towel

SKU: 11129685-gerco-globalcontent

Tupperware's microfiber window cleaning cloth is one of the highest quality Microfiber textile products available. The “Honeycomb” texture of our microfiber towels for windows makes this towel excellent for washing glass and other shiny surfaces without detergent. The high-absorbency material eliminates water droplets while washing, which can dry and leave unsightly spots. It can even wipe greasy windows without leaving a trace!

Our Microfiber cleaning towels will revolutionize the way you dry, dust, wash and polish just about every surface in your home! Tupperware's Microfiber window cleaning cloths are one of the highest quality Microfiber textile products available. Our Microfiber towels offer maximum absorbency, softness and effective cleaning with or without using chemical cleaners or water. They are also extremely environmentally friendly, because you can clean your entire home without the use of paper towels and chemical cleaners… all you need is water! Each Microfiber towel in our collection has a specific weave and texture to help them perform their main function, indicated by a special embroidered symbol on the front. Cover your bases and collect them all! Set of two.

How to use:

  • Fold the towel in 4. This will be more efficient, because when one side gets dirty, you can refold it to use the other sides. 
  • Spray cold or warm water on the windows and wipe with the towel or wet the towel, wring thoroughly and clean your windows.


Your windows have never been cleaner!

Our Microfiber Window Towel will clean your windows, mirrors or any other shiny surfaces without detergent and minimize streaking at the same time!

Reduce & Reuse: Our reusable Microfiber towels help reduce the use of paper towels. 

Economical: These towels can withstand over 500 washes, or even more if you do not use detergents. This makes them economical as well as environmentally friendly, as you will be saving on paper towels. 

Chemical-free cleaning: There is no need to use harsh cleaning chemicals when using our Microfiber towels! All you need to clean is water or use it dry.

Hypoallergenic: The fabric works like a dust and allergen “magnet” by trapping particles inside the fabric of the towel, ensuring a healthier environment for allergy sufferers. 

Every towel is unique: Each of our Microfiber towels has a specific weave, weight and fabric blend adapted to their multiple uses around the home. 


  • Material
    Full Product: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 40 x H - x L 40 Ø - cm / W 15.7 x H - x L 15.7 Ø - inch


  • Wash towels by hand before first use, then wash towels separately on the first 3 occasions to avoid colors washing onto the rest of the laundry. 

  • Never use fabric softeners or dry softening sheets as fabric softeners will get clogged in the fabric, causing it to lose all of its absorbent qualities. 

  • Always make sure that the microfiber is rinsed well before, during and after use in order to get the dirt out.

  • Wash the microfiber in the washing machine regularly.

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